Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Russian Fudge

A fudge that is rich and creamy. If you have a sweet tooth, you will like this treat. I normally double the recipe. Great as a Christmas gift.

Russian Fudge
Makes about 36 pieces

3½ cup white sugar
125g butter
3 Tbsp golden syrup
125ml milk
½ tsp salt
200g sweetened condensed milk (½ a standard can)
2 tsp vanilla essence

1. Place all ingredients except the vanilla in a medium-heavy saucepan.

2. Warm over a gentle heat until the sugar has dissolved.

3. Bring to a gentle boil and cook for 15-20 minutes until it reaches the soft-ball stage* (120C)

4. Remove from the heat and add the vanilla

5. Beat (I use a electric mixer) until the fudge is creamy and thick and has lost its gloss.

6. Pour into a greased 20cm cake tin (I use a tray).

7. Score the top and break into pieces when cold.

Russian Fudge
Tip : Using a sugar thermometer takes the guesswork out of sweet-making and ensures excellent results.

* To test for soft ball stage, drop a small amount of mixture off a teaspoon into cold water. When a soft ball forms, the mixture is ready

Gift wrap Homemade Fudge
Recipe : All things nice with Jo Seagar : New Zealand's baking experts' best ever recipe collection


Beachlover said...

Look so pretty!!It's this fudge very sweet??..I wonder how it taste?..

Sinner said...


The fudge is extremely sweet and rich. The Europeans especially the Kiwis loves it. You need an incredibly sweet tooth to eat this.

Thank you for your compliment.

Unknown said...

Hi there! I live in the US and my New Zealand friend has recommended this fudge to me. The problem is I can't find golden syrup anywhere! I was wondering if I could substitute honey or molasses or maybe a mixture of the two...?

Thanks so much! Your fudge looks delicious.

Sinner said...

I have a feeling the golden syrup is used because it has a nice flavour. So substituting with other sugar products might alter the taste.

Maybe you are game enough to try it out ;)

dreaminitvegan said...

This looks wonderful!

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