Friday, August 07, 2009

Grow your own Galangal ~ Blue Ginger

Ever wanted to have a galangal plant in your own backyard, to harvest whenever you feel like cooking a rendang, teochew braised duck, assam babi, satay sauce or even to make your own red curry paste ? Fresh galangal adds flavor and depth to many dishes.

Well's your chance. I have a few excess plants for sale to NZ readers.

The highly scented white flowers appear in April.

nam keong, lengkuas, kha
The plant will be supplied as a cut back, bare root rhizome (underground stem) with at least one growing shoot or bud.

If you are interested, please leave your email address in the comments column and I will come back to you. I can only post to New Zealand addresses. Limited stock only.


Chaokar said...

one of my favorite ingredient.
didnt know it is called blue ginger.
only know it by it's malay name - Lengkuas.

nice flowers ay

Su Kim said...


*pulls hair*

I'm just across the Tasman Sea!


How torturous!

Chris Hernandez said...

Blue ginger? What is it? How is it related to regular 'supermarket' ginger? What is the flavor like? I have so many questions, I would like to grow it though.

Sinner said...

Hi Chris,

I note by your blog that you are located in US.

Unlike ginger, the Galangal root is pinkish in colour, completely white inside, and has a distinctive pungent flavour. Taste peppery. When cooked, it turns dark blue almost black.

It is also known as siamese ginger.

Have a look at this site here. It talks about galangal in greater details.

Unknown said...

Hi Sinner, I am in Auckland, too and my lengkuas is growing rampant in my garden. I am still in search of turmeric. Any luck that you have some in your garden? I managed to source some from TradeMe once, but no longer...and my toddler then pretty much ravaged my delicate plant to smithereens!

Sinner said...

Hi Sakinah,

I don't have any turmeric plants but saw it once many years back at the Avondale Sunday market. Expensive though !

Kathryn said...

Hi there, I know it's been a while since you posted this, but do you have any galangal for sale still?

Sinner said...

Hi Kathryn,

Yes, I still have galangal for sale.

S said...

Hi, do you still have galangal root for sale?

Cheers Sigrid

Sinner said...

Sigrid, I only have galangal rhizomes for sale in late Autumn to Spring. Thanks for your enquiry.

tyla said...

hiya, as its know heading to late autumn will you have any to sell soon ??? or at the moment
cheers Karen

Sinner said...

Hi tyla,

The galangals are starting to sprout now.
If you are still keen and if you are residing in NZ, please leave me your email address. Thanks.

Sinner said...

Sold out! Galangal no longer in stock. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I note that it is 2 years since you last comment on this post, but in as much as I am a hopeful person and it is spring, I was wondering if you have any galangal for sale this year?

(that's my name not my location)

Sinner said...

Sorry Adelaide, I don't sell galangal anymore.

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