Monday, March 13, 2006

Pork Balls

These Pork Balls are a favourite of mine and it is a good addition to our kon loh meen (noodles). I usually fry them and then freeze it for later eating.

fried pork balls

Ingredients :

1 kg mince pork
3 Tbsp light soya sauce
½ tsp white pepper
3 Tbsp corn flour
2 Tbsp sesame oil
8 pc of waterchestnut (chopped)


1. Mix the minced meat with the above ingredients and marinate for a few hours.
2. Heat a wok with sufficient amount of oil.
3. Wet hands with water, scoop about 1 tbsp of meat onto hand, form the meat into ball then throw it between both hands (this action is to remove the air in the meat ball) then gently put meatball into oil.
4. Deep fry till golden brown then remove and drain.

Recipe : jennifer @kitchencaper (adapted)

1 Comment:

Bob Goh said...

I followed your recipe and tried it. Quite easy to make, but I don't like the taste entirely. I think adding 2~3 tbsp of sugar and fish sauce would enhance the taste.

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