Monday, November 20, 2006

Kerisik Rendang ~ Spicy Coconut Beef

I find this method of cooking rendang easier and healthier with less cholestrol as no coconut milk is used, only fried dessicated or fresh coconut making the whole dish very aromatic.

1 kg rump steak - cut into cubes
2 cups water

B - grind finely
1 Tbsp Baba chilli powder
3 large red onion
4 garlic
3 stalk lemon grass
1 " ginger
2 candlenut - optional

2 " galangal - hit it wih knife side to flatten it a bit
2 cup - kerisik (coconut paste)
¼ cup sweet soy sauce (kecap manis)
¼ cup tamarind juice (from ½Tbsp tamarind paste)
4 bay leaves
3 kaffir leaves
salt & sugar to taste.

1. Add all ingredients (except tamarind juice) in a wok and mix well.
2. Cook until meat is tender.
3. Add tamarind juice and cook until the gravy drys out.
4. Serve with rice or bread.


2 cup dessicated cocout

1. Put the coconut in a wok (no oil), keep stirring until it turn brown and the oil from the coconut starts to show.
2. Grind the cooked coconut in a food processor till fine.
3. Use as directed.

Recipe : lynn_M @kitchencaper (adapted)


Family First said...

thanks for this lovely recipe. can i use fresh grated coconut instead as i live in KL, its easy to find them.

Family First said...

sorry, i just read that fresh coconut is ok. But no oil to cook the paste & meat?

Sinner said...

Family First, no additional oil is needed.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the recipe. i've been cooking this dish for the 3rd time already!!!! nyum nyum nyum!!!

Sinner said...

Am glad you like the rendang. Thank you for your feedback :)

Anonymous said...

Hi sinner, i would like to try this recipe but was wondering if i need to tumis the ingredients before adding the kerisk? or just add everything and tumis?

Sinner said...

Thats the beauty of this recipe. No need to stand there and tumis until the hand is tired. Just throw everything in, mix, cover and ta da.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sinner,
My hse smells of the wonderfully aromatic rendang now :) It's 11.30pm and i'm cooking it for husband is salivating..cannot wait to eat it! LOL!! Thought it'll taste better tomorrow that's why i cooked today. Thanks for the great recipe.

Sinner said...

Hi Favbabe,
I bet you everyone is going to go for a piece first thing in the morning with the excuse of taste testing. lol

I am with your thinking too that curry will always taste better if left to sit. I do hope your family like it. And you are most welcome :)

Sharon said...

hi Sinner,

Thanks for the recipe. I was trying out this but I have a problem.. there are too much gravy... isn't it supposed to be a dried curry??? is 2 cup of water too much?? I cooked them in a pressure cooker for 30 mins first. remove the pressure and turn up the heat, trying to reduce the gravy, but there's still a lot ... any way to help pls, thanks!

Sinner said...

Hi Sharon,

Usually if cooking with a pressure cooker, the amount of liquid required is less as there is hardly any evaporation.

To reduce the amount of liquid, scoop the rendang into a wok. The liquid will evaporate faster in a wok as it has a wider surface area.

2 cups water in this recipe is for cooking in a wok or ordinary pot. When this recipe was posted, I didn't own a pressure cooker.

Sorry if yours turn out soupy. Rendang is indeed dryish.

Julie C. said...

Hi Sinner,

Just came across your website recently - love it as you have good recipes, great photos & helpful hints & advice.
Two questions: what is sweet soya sauce (don't think I've seen it)? and if I cannot find kaffir lime leaves, what can I substitute with.

Sinner said...

Hi Julie,
I have added the link for a pic of the sweet soy sauce. It is readily available in the shops.

For the kaffir leaves, I don't have that myself so I usually substitute with tahitian lime leaves. Or use any lime leaves that has a strong lemony fragrant.

Thanks for dropping by.

WaWa said...

Hi Sinner,
I must say I was uncertain about beef rendang without coconut milk but the result was delicious! Everyone was pleased. Only it took a long time for the beef to tenderize so I think it's time for me to get that pressure cooker :-)

Sinner said...

Hi WaWa,

Glad you like this kerisik rendang. Once you get used to a pressure cooker, you will be thinking "how did I get by without one" ;)

Thanks for the feedback.

nyonya said...

Cooked this last night. So yum and easy too. Many thanks.

Sinner said...

Yei, another happy cook.

Thanks nyonya, for the feedback :)

Unknown said...

Hi Sinner,

Would like to try your rendang, can i subsitute with chicken (as we do not eat beef)? What brand of dessicated coconut your are using and where to get it? I quite new in Auckland, NZ. Sorry for asking so many question.


Sinner said...

Hi BabelIpoh,

Yes, you can substitute with chicken but adjust the liquid content as I find a lot of liquid comes out of the chicken during cooking.

For dessicated coconut, I buy whatever brand is on special, mostly from Pak & Save.

Welcome to Auckland.

Unknown said...

Hi Sinner,

Thanks for the recipe. I cooked this last last night. It's easy and yummy but a bit sweet. Is it due to the coconut paste or kicap manis?


Sinner said...

Hi BabelIpoh,

Rendang is a sweet dish. Anything with coconut milk or coconut will be sweet. Glad you like it though.

Amy Goh said...

Cooked this dish early this morning, had it for dinner. So Yum! Even though I made a mistake by blending the galangal.

Thank u very much for sharing.

Sinner said...

Hi Amy,

Guess what I cooked yesterday. Yes...this rendang ! I now have 5 container of this sitting in my freezer.

So glad you like it too. Thanks for the feedback.

Amy Goh said...

Hi, Hi!

Ooooh... 5 boxes, yum yum! I refrigerated some for one week just finished the last bit. Was very surprised it smelt and tasted even better. Thank God! No tummy upset cos I'm usually not good with over night curries considering the coconut. This recipe is definitely a keeper. Must try out your other rendang recipes soon.

Please continue to cook and share. Thank U!

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