Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yeh Chi Tong ~ Coconut Sweets

Yeh Chi Tong is a lolly with a very rich flavour.

Makes 185 g

100g gula melaka
75g mak ngah tong (maltose)
2 tsp sugar
125ml thick coconut milk

1. Measure ingredients into a pot and cook over medium heat for 15-20 minutes.
2. Keep stirring.
3. Test by dropping a blob into cold water. It should harden.
4. Pour a little at a time onto a greased silicone mat.
5. Roll into a long sausage shape using your hands. If too hot to handle use the silicone mat or a pair of spatula to pat into shape.
6. Cut into to desired length while still warm.

7. Wrap with cellophane wrappers or foil.

Tip : Using freshly squeezed coconut milk if available, will give you a more flavoursome lolly.

Recipe : Amelia from the book New Year Snack by Amy Wong (adapted)


DDeden said...

Alamak, sedap-lah!
please send free sample ;) through my email... Looks wonderful!

J Razak said...

Wooooo!!! this brings me back to my childhood day when dad used to buy for me. I would love to make it some day. Tks.

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