Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Stir Fry Sambal Round Beans

When I bought a bunch of French round beans home, I got the "I don't like beans" look from Mr Redneck. I haven't had this dish for a while - infact I don't think I have ever cooked it here as fresh beans were expensive and not too readily available. Mr Redneck did enjoy this meal of beans.

Any beans....long, round or flat can be used. This dish is a simple yet delicious spicy stir fry using very few ingredients.

sambal round beans
200-300gm french round beans, cut to 2"
1-2 Tbsp oil

Grind together
2 Tbsp dry shrimp (soak to soften)
3 clove garlic
1 small onion
½ Tbsp belacan
1-2 tsp chilli paste

¼ tsp sugar
½ cup water

1. Heat oil in wok and add the grounded ingredients. Fry until fragrant.
2. Add the beans and stirfry for a few minutes. Add water and cover. Cook until beans are tender.
3. Add sugar and season to taste.
4. Serve with rice.

sambal french beans
Note : Add more chilli paste or fresh chillies if you like it spicier. I have used chilli paste as it is more convenient and I have bought a big jar of it at a very reasonable price.


Little Corner of Mine said...

YUM! I simply love this dish which reminded me I haven't had sambal long bean for a long time.

jadepearl said...

Thanks for visiting my humble blog! :) He!He!....just like my DH. Anything to do with beans and he will have THAT look. I love this dish too. BTW, are you a peranankan?

Sinner said...

I am one of your silent regular lurker drooling at all the delicious dishes at your blog :)
No, not a peranankan but I love nyonya food.

little corner of mine,
Anything 'sambal' is a fav of mine too.

Unknown said...

Hi there, u have a yummy-li-sious blog. Can I know what kind & brand of chilli paste you used? Jus wondering if i can find it in canada.

Sinner said...

Hi Kerry,
Thank you. I have added a link to the chilli paste. The paste is produced in NZ and is pure minced chilli. You can use any brand. I just find it so much more convenient than using whole chillies.
Welcome to my blog :)

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