Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Homemade Fresh Chilli Paste

Grinding a big batch of chillies is much easier than trying to grind 2 or 3 in a food processor. It is a pain with small quantities as the chillies only get flung to the side of the bowl.

I have frozen my batch of chilli paste and just snap pieces off when required. It defrost very quickly too.

Homemade Chilli Paste

500 gm fresh red chillis

1. Wash, cut off the ends and remove most of the seeds with a teaspoon.

2. Put into a food processor and blend until fine. There is no need to add water or oil..

3. Pack into plastic bags, flatten and label.

4. Freeze and use when required.

Pure Chilli Paste
Note: I remove most of my chilli seeds as my stomach don't like them. If you prefer your chillies hot, blend with the seeds intact.

Tip :
1. It is easier to blend at least 500gm of chillies.
2 Freeze it flat as it is easier to break off pieces to use as required.


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