Monday, December 08, 2008

Soft Wholemeal Bread

After my Breville died from overwork, I decided to buy a more heavy duty bread machine. We no longer buy bread in any shape or form so the breadmaker has to withstand the heavy usage. The one I am now using is a Sunbeam Quantum Smartbake with a big pan which can make a 1.5kg loaf and best of all it is programmable.

I have different programs for the 4 seasons. In the heat of summer, bread usually take a shorter time to rise but in winter, the house being so cold it does affect the rising time even though the breadmaker has its own heating element.

We love this bread. Even though it is wholemeal, it is not dense. In fact it is soft, light, fluffy and very pliable.

This is our daily loaf. Toast in the morning and sandwiches for lunch. Mr Redneck likes his thinly sliced wherelse I like mine like doorstops.

Soft wholemeal loaf
If you try this recipe and it turns out dense, then it has not risen enough. Since I like my bread light and fluffy, I make sure it is given enough time to rise even if it takes 4 hours for me to make a loaf. When buying a breadmaker make sure you have a separate bake function to enable you to have some control and not allow the breadmaker to dictate the timing.

Makes 1.5 kg loaf size

410 ml warm water (400ml if using fresh yeast)

350gm wholemeal flour
275gm high grade (bread) flour
4½ tsp gluten flour
1 Tbsp ground linseed

1 Tbsp oats
1½ Tbsp lecithin granules
2½ Tbsp milk powder
2 tsp salt
2 Tbsp sugar

2½ tsp surebake yeast or 16gm fresh yeast

Healthy and light wholemeal bread

1. Place ingredients into the bread pan according to your breadmaker instructions.

2. Setting : Wholewheat or set your own program. Mine from start to finish takes a minimum of 3.53 hours in winter.

3. Bread dough will rise slightly above top of pan before the baking process begins.

Before and after baking
Ready to start baking......................Ready to Eat

4. Slice when cooled.

Note :
1. I use lecithin granules as I find it produces a better loaf. Plus it has heaps of nutritional benefits.

2. Surebake yeast have bread improver in it.

3. For every ½ cup of wholemeal flour, 1 tsp of gluten flour is required. If adding more or less wholemeal please adjust gluten flour accordingly.

4. When more or less wholemeal flour is used, please adjust the quatity of bread flour used. The total weight of flour (wholemeal+gluten+bread flour+linseed) should always add up to 650gm.

5. Winter program setting : Knead 23 minutes; 1st rise 30 minutes; 2nd rise 31 minutes; 3rd rise 99 minutes; Bake 52 minutes

Peanut Butter Sandwich
1. Different brand flour does make a difference to the texture of the bread. Before the major price hike I use Champion or Edmonds but now have changed to Home brand which still has that 11% protein.

2. I find that when I use Champion wholemeal flour the bread is extra soft. Because of the steep price rise I have no choice but to wait for specials but in the meantime put up with Home brand.

Update 9 June 2011 : If using fresh yeast substitute surebake yeast with 16gm of fresh yeast and reduce water to 400ml. I have found that the dough rise much faster using fresh yeast.


Sunshine said...

Hi Sinner,

I know you are not only great at cooking but you are great at gardening too(from your other blog) I was just wondering do you know if I can actually grow garlic using a pottery instead of growing it on the ground?


Sinner said...

Thanks. Only playing around in the garden.
And yes you can grow garlic in a pot.

may said...

Hi Sinner,

Really admire your great cooking and baking, can I link you up to my blog ?

Sinner said...

Thanks. You are most welcome to link to my blog :)

lady lavender said...

Hi Sinner - great to have spotted yr bread! I got a breadmaker Breville -- from Hubby for xmas and had 3 failed loaves so far...Birds in the garden are happy!! @@YYY URRGHHHH!!! Do you have a less complex which is basic -- not so many ingrediets; ie flour/wholemeal/ yeast, salt/sugar and oil only??? Hahhaa...I am lazy...very lazy...

Sinner said...

Hi Lady L,
Our first 2 breadmaker loaf was also a disaster :{ ha ha
Master the white loaf first. The ingredients there are for a Breville size pan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sinner,

How much instant (bread machine) yeast shld i use if I do not have the one that you are using now? And how much bread improver to add separately? I'm keen to make this bread using my BM.

Mui Mui

Sinner said...

Hi Mui Mui,

How big is your bread pan ? This particular recipe is for a 1.5kg pan. You might want to have a look at this recipe here which is for a 1kg size pan.

The notes will have more info on quantity of bread improver to use.

One tip, do not let the breadmaker start the 'bake' cycle until the bread dough have risen enough or you will get a dense bread.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sinner. How to know that the bread dough has risen enough? I've popped into the multigrain bread recipe in your blog. So I should use 1.5tsp instant yeast + 1 tsp bread improver to be equivalent to 2 & 1/4 tsp surebake yeast?

Mui Mui

Sinner said...

Hi Mui Mui,

I usually let my dough rise until it reaches the top of the pan or thereabouts - there's a photo of it in this recipe.
Yes, to the yeast and bread improver.

sue said...


Fed up,trying to make my bread light and fluffy, (only once it was right)its always dense and often sunken, even tho' I copied the process. I'm shocked the amount of liquid you use 410ml for only 625gr flour, I've always used 250ml liquid for 473gr of flour (1/2 whole, 1/2 white bread flour) With this amount I find the dough is good, firm and rises good, but some how after baking it sinks (imagine with double amount of liquid). Will shop for lecithin granules and gluten flour, what does it do?
Love your blog, btw.

Sinner said...

Hi Sue,

I have been making this bread since 2006. It is our daily bread. Wholemeal bread cannot be compared to white bread. It will always be heavier.

I bought my latest batch of lecithin from iherb. If you are their first time customer, use this coupon HEH094 to get a US$5 discount. Very competitive prices.

All the ingredients in this recipe adds to the texture of the bread. Wholemeal flour does not have gluten so adding gluten flour will give it structure and produce a light loaf. Same with lecithin.
Google the ingredients - you will get more detailed explanation on the net.

Obviously the recipe you have been using so far is not working for you !

The ingredients in this recipe compliments each other to produce a lighter and healthy loaf.

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