Friday, June 23, 2006

Beef Roll with Grand Marnier sauce

This beef roll has to be one of my favourites - easy to prepare and full of intense flavour. It is more of an asian dish but who is to say we can't have a fusion of styles.

beef roll with grand marnier sauce
The beef roll served with fried potatoes, mushroom and with vegies or salad on the side.

2 slices beef schnitzel
½ carrot cut into sticks
4 french, long or butter beans
1 mushroom, cut into thin sticks
¼ capsicum, cut into thin sticks
potato starch or corn flour for dusting

30ml of Soy Sauce
45ml grand marnier
15ml water

1. Blanch the vegetables for about 1 minute or until almost done. Remove. Pat dry.
2. Lay out beef slice on a cutting board. Place strips of vegebles at one end of the beef slice and roll it up tightly.

3. Seal end using toothpicks or bamboo skewer.

4. Coat the rolled beef slices with the potato starch/corn flour.
5. Fry the beef roll until brown, on medium heat with some oil in a pan. Turn occasionally to prevent it from sticking to pan.
6. Add the sauce to the pan when the beef rolls are slightly brown.
7. Allow the sauce to thicken and the beef rolls to absorb some of the sauce.
8. Remove the beef rolls.
9. Serve immediately.

Note : Any type of vegetable can be used. As a shortcut, when I run out of fresh vegetables, I rummage through the frozen stir fry and pick out long pieces of carrots, capsicum, beans. Asparagus goes well with this.
A sprinkling of fried onions gives it an extra nice flavour.

P/s. I have posted this recipe before but somehow it got corrupted.

Redneck says……
The Grand Marnier gives a rich sauce – yum! Also don't forget to remove the toothpicks/skewer


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