Thursday, February 15, 2007

Easy Prawn Cocktail

There is no hard and fast rule or exact measure of ingredients for this prawn cocktail. The Redneck made the simple Five Island dressing by mixing a little bit of tomato sauce to the salad dressing we had in the fridge. This no fuss prawn cocktail is perfect and refreshing for a hot summer.

Prawn Cocktail
cooked prawns
lettuce, shredded
cucumber, sliced
hard boil egg - sliced

salad dressing
tomato sauce
chilli sauce

1. Arrange lettuce, cucumber, eggs and prawns on a plate.

2. To make the simple seafood dressing, add a few tablespoon of salad dressing into a bowl. Add tomato sauce, a dash of chilli sauce and salt to taste. Mix well.

3. Add to salad and toss to mix thoroughly.


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