Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Honey Candied Walnuts

These walnuts are delicious and super easy to make.. Even though they are fried they do not have that greasy or oily taste. Walnut is very rich in Omega-3 fatty acids with a lot of other health benefits which includes reducing blood cholestrol.

Redneck ate these decades ago when we were in Hong Kong. It must have made an impression because he still remembers eating it.

Honey candied walnuts

250g walnut halves
3/4 cup honey
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp soy sauce

castor sugar for coating

1. Combine honey, lemon juice and soy sauce.
2. Add walnuts. Allow to stand for 2 hours stirring occassionally.
3. Drain walnuts.
4. Toss in castor sugar coating well.
5. Cook walnuts in hot oil until golden.

6. Remove and drain well.
7. Cool completely before eating. Store in airtight containers in the fridge.

Honey Walnuts

Note : It is very important to buy very fresh walnuts. I try not to buy the pre-packaged ones from the supermarket. I buy mine in loose lots from an Indian shop nearby.

Tip : Leftover honey mix can be kept frozen for another batch or used for cooking.

Recipe : Recipe book source unknown


Anonymous said...

Hi Sinner, I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled into ur blog. I "know" u from KC n ur one of those ppl I wished, had a food blog n well....wishes do come true sometimes! :) Great blog u have with lots of yummy recipes. This honey candied walnuts is one of my family favourites n a real keeper - just like the ones they serve u at chinese restaurants!!

Susanna, Perth

Sinner said...

Hi Susanna, thanks for stumbling onto my blog ! :) I am at a disadavantage here, what nick do you go by in kc or are you one of the 'quiet' observer?
Thanks for the feedback. Am very glad the walnuts are your family favourite. Here's hoping more of your wishes come true :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sinner

I got into your blog while "googlin" for a recipe for kok chai.

I must say that I didn't just stop there. You have an amazing blog and the recipes are to a T esp. Hainanese Chicken and Rice (exactly the same method my mum has taught me).

I believe that I don't have to look elsewhere for a long time.

Many thanks for sharing your recipes.

Kind regards

Sinner said...

Hi Julie,
Welcome to our blog. Would love to hear your feedback when you do try some of the recipes here :)

Chris said...

I love this type of walnuts, so gave the recipe a try. It turned out a bit messy and the frying oil was full of black flakes; not sure what they were. Wondering if perhaps I should try baking them instead. The taste was ok and I also sprinkled some sesame flakes on them after they came out of the oil.
Hope u can advise me further. Thx.

Sinner said...

Hi Chris,
Once you get the hang of it, it won't be so messy. The black flakes would be the caramelisation of sugar. That can't be help. What we do is, after each batch, scoop out any black floating bits before frying the next lot.
We haven't tried baking the walnuts as the one we tasted in HK was fried.
Thanks for your feedback.

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