Monday, March 17, 2008

Preserved Peaches in Light Sugar Syrup

There was an abundance of peaches from my peach tree this year. Thought it was about time I tried my hand at preserving as Redneck will eat preserved peaches but not fresh ones !

Bottled peaches
I chose to preserve it in a light syrup as the Red Haven peach is quite a sweet fruit. The peaches are lovely eaten as is or with ice cream.

Preserved peaches
Makes 8 jars


400g sugar
8 cups water

1. Wash peaches. Cut a ring around the fruit. Twist to open and cut out the stone. The skin will peel easily if the peaches are ripe enough.

2. Slice peaches to required size or leave in halves. Dunk the fruit quickly into a pot of boiling water.

3. Pack peaches as tightly as possible in sterilised jars.

4. Pour boiling sugar syrup into the jars. Use a thin stick and try to remove as much bubbles as possible. Screw the lid on.

5. Place in a large pot of water with the lid at least 1" below the water surface.

6. Simmer for 25 minutes.

7. Remove, label and store in a cool place.

Peaches in a light syrup


Anonymous said...

hi, i am a fan of your blog, wonder what kind(brand) of bread machine you are using? thanks, i am juei, a house wife from dallas, tx. Originally from Malaysia. :)

Sinner said...

Hi Juei,

Welcome. Glad you found the blog useful :)

I have just recently bought myself a Sunbeam Quantum Smartbake after my old Breville breadmaker pack a sad. I quite like this Sunbeam as it seems to be more heavy duty, very flexible and can make a bigger size bread.

finereem said...


I want to thank you for sharing your recipes.

About the preserved peaches or any preserved fruit,I wonder if I have to store them in the refrigerator? as I don't have enough space for them in it,

so is it possible to store them in my pantry? and if yes how long does it lasts without going bad specially in summer

Sinner said...

Hi finereem,

If the fruits are prepared and bottled properly in sterilised conditions, you don't have to store them in the fridge. If you are using pop-top jars, make sure the jar 'pops' down to seal.

Those jars that haven't popped down are not sealed and will have to be stored in the fridge or eaten first.

I store mine in a dark cool cupboard and will last months or a year. None have gone bad on me yet.

finereem said...

Dear Sinner

Many thanks for answering me.
I'm new to canning actually and I don't know what is pop-top jars exactly.

I reuse the tomato paste jars I buy, is it the same?

Sinner said...

Hi finereem,

To find out whether your lid is a pop-top, press your finger up and down in the middle. It will produce a 'pop pop' sound. Usually if you open new jar that is sealed with a pop top lid, you will hear a 'pop'.

An ordinary lid is flat and will not 'pop'.

Now go search out your old jars and play with the lids ;)

Happy to answer any questions :)

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