Thursday, February 16, 2006

Black Sauce Chicken

The chicken prepared this way was very moist, tender and full of flavour. Goes well with rice and vegetables on the side. Best of all, only one utensil to wash after cooking.

black sauce chicken
1 chicken
3 Tbsp Dark Soya sauce
2 Tbsp Light soya sauce
2 Tbsp Sweet Sauce (or you can use Dark Brown Sugar)
400 ml water

2 pcs cinnamon sticks
5 pcs Star Aniseeds
1 tsp cloves

1. In a wok, add water and seasonings to boil.
2. When it is boiling, add spices and cook over low heat for about 15 mins till its fragant.
3. Slowly slide in the chicken .
4. Cook on each side for 10 mins on medium heat.
5. Turn the chicken over after 10 mins..scoop the gravy and pour over the chicken.
6. Cook for a further 20 mins. Turn off the fire.
7. Leave the chicken in the wok to soak for another 10 mins.
8. Remove chicken to cool completely on a large plate .
9. Chop chicken into smaller pieces and serve with rice.

1. You can add hard boiled eggs to soak/coat with the sauce .
2. Uneaten sauce can be keept in the freezer for 1 year or even longer.
3. You can use the sauce to braise some noodles and serve with chicken on the side.

Recipe : gina @kitchencaper (adapted)


cowhide said...

wow! you know so much about my country's food? im a cooking enthusiast and always try to figure out how to cook good food(:

your site shall be bookmarked. i will need your help in preparing goodie for my girlfriend. ;)

anyway i'm an undergrad from Singapore!

Best wishes(:

Sinner said...

Your gf is very lucky to have a bf that loves to cook ;)

Anonymous said...

hi tried yr black sauce chkn. was so good tat everyone was asking for more(did half chkn wit hard boiled eggs). i was so tempted to add sesame oil at first cos was brought up using sesame oil for all chinese cooking. thank goodness i didnt. the chkn turned out so moist and soft. the sauce was so simple and yet very aromatic. thank you once again for sharing tis wonderful recipe:

Sinner said...


Am so glad your family liked the chicken. Next time you will have to cook a whole one to keep everyone happy :)

Kastine said...

Hi Sinner,

I also like to try the recipe with half chicken. Do I reduce the recipe or maintain it.


Sinner said...

I would maintain the same quantity. Any leftover sauce can be kept in the freezer or use for noodles.

Kastine said...

Hi Sinner,

I tried your recipe before your reply.

It is very nice but I think the next time I will rub some salt over the chicken as my mum commented that my chicken is not salty hehehe.

Thanks for the simple yet nice recipe

Sinner said...

Hi qing,

Would you mind sharing whether you halved the sauce ingredients for your half chicken or did you cook a whole one in the end?

We use to have quite a bit of salt in our food but over the years, I have gradually decrease our salt and sugar intake as it is much healthier ;)

Thanks for your feedback.

Kastine said...


No I didn't halve the sauce like what you said I kept the sauce frozen.

Haha eventhough I also like to keep a healthy recipe but difficult hehehe.

Sinner said...

Hi qing,

You have to be very discreet and not tell your family that you are trying to get them on a healthy diet ;)

Reduce the salt and sugar a few grain/gm each time so they won't notice and gradually their tastebud will adjust to the reduced seasoning. lol

Have to be patient could take years :)

lyn said...

I was looking through your website to get ideas for tonight's dinner and came across this recipe. i was reminded i had made this dish previously and have half a bottle of the sauce left in my freezer.

your footnote on using the sauce to braise some noodles caught my attention. i thought it was a brilliant idea. in fact, not only was it a brilliant idea, it was a tasty idea too! my husband and i both loved it. the egg noodles absorbed the flavourful sauce very well.

i'm gonna make this sauce in advance and freeze it as i found the flavours from the spices infused into the sauce over time, making the sauce more fragrant and flavourful. i may even throw in a few dried chillies for some added kick :) thanks for sharing this recipe!

Sinner said...

Hi Lyn,

So glad you like the sauce on the noodles. My sauce doesn't get to 'hang out' in the freezer for long either !

jschia said...

This is the second recipe of yours I've tried today! (I made soy milk this morning.) Love, love, love the taste of this, especially the sauce! It's something different to what we normally cook and eat at home. I kept heaping it on my rice. We paired it with chicken rice... It's like I was transported back home! The only problem is I have less than half a cup of the sauce left to freeze. Thanks! I'm looking forward to trying more of your recipes! Might try the homemade kon lo mein next!!! *BIG HUGS & THANK YOU*

Sinner said...

Hi Jaclyn,

It gives me great pleasure when readers tries the recipes and likes the food :)

Since you are planning on having homemade kon lo mein, why not use this sauce to finish it off. It really is very nice.

Thanks for the feedback.

KY said...

Hi, can I cook this in a stew pot instead of a wok? I don't have a wok! Thanks.

Sinner said...

Hi KY,

Yes, you can use whatever utensil or pot you have that will fit the chicken.

Yvonne said...

Sinner... amateur cook here who loves your recipes, and have tried a few to varying degrees of success. Trying the black sauce chicken now. Do I cook the chicken with the lid on or off? I really don't expect you to get up in the middle of the night to answer me now :) so it's more for next time. Thanks!!

Sinner said...

Yvonne, it is morning now! lol
Cook the chicken with the lid on. Good to know you had tried some of the recipes from here.
Thanks for the feedback.

Yvonne said...

Thanks! We just had dinner, and it was declared a success! Even saved 2 containers for a friend and my mother-in-law. Since I didn't know lid on or lid off, I did the first 20 lid off and the next 20 lid off, haha. It was ever so slightly undercooked so I had to cook it for a little bit more, and it came out great! Juicy and tender! Even the breast meat was tender! Thanks again!!

I do visit your blog fairly regularly for ideas... Even went out to buy ABC Kicap Manis today for the chicken, but I couldn't find the dark soy. Was rather devastated when you took a sabbatical from blogging, but was happy to see your new post with the little quiches!

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

Sinner said...

My mouth is watering just thinking of your perfectly cooked chicken ! Isn't it a great feeling. Best of all - your mil likes it. lol

Still blogging though in tiny doses at the moment. haha

Really appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

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