Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fresh Homemade Wanton Mee (noodle)

These noodles are yummy as 'kon loh mee' (noodle without soup). They are silky smooth and once you have tried them you will not want to go back to eating instant noodles.

Homemade Wantan MeeServes 2 person

Ingredients :
175gm bread (high grade) flour
1 tsp salt
85ml water

Optional :
1 tsp lye water
1 egg yolk (reduce amount of water accordingly)

1. Add salt and water to flour and mix with a fork to form a ball.

2. Knead lightly (at this stage dough does not have to be too smooth).

3. Cover and rest dough for 20-30 minutes.

4. Knead dough until smooth ( I fold and roll it through the widest setting on the pasta machine a few times until dough is smooth)

5. Divide dough into 2 portions. Dust with tapioca or plain flour.

6. Roll dough through pasta machine to the required thickness and length.

7. Cut noodles through spaghetti cutter to the required size.

8. Hang up the noodles .

9. Boil and use as required example for kon loh char siew meen (bbq pork noodles).

To cook : Add to boiling water. These noodles cooks very quickly - do not overcook or else it will be too soft

Redneck says……
Use lye water (purchased from Asian Stores), sparingly as some people find the smell unpleasant.


Anonymous said...

From JH:
Can you share the secret of making peking noodles. (pak king lie mien). Why does the flour not break while pulling it to such length. What are the special ingredients?

Sinner said...

JH, I have no idea what the secret is.

Anonymous said...

I think peking la mien is just normal? Last time I had freshly made noodle infront of me but still didn't really satisfy me though? Noodle not enough elastic?
Most noodles lack of elastic?

But from what I found out to make noodles elastic depend on how you knead it as well and how many eggs you add to your flour? Lye water might also be an ingredient to make the noodles doesnt break easily.

And also depend on your skills to knead the dough as well..Some people used big wooden equipment in china to knead it..

Anyway, I am not an expert cuz I am not a noodle maker.But just sharing my thoughts. And cuz I saw some chefs talking about noodle making etc? So I got some idea..

Anonymous said...

Hi Sinner,

I am thinking of buying a pasta machine like you to make some noodle/pastry easily hehe. So I am going to save money now to buy one.

I also like char siew with fresh made noodle.

And then I can do some research to make noodles tastier hehe. Like add spinach flavour, carrot flavour.

Sinner said...

Hi Sharpei Puppy,
You won't regret buying a pasta machine. Heaps of uses. Do hope you get one quickly :)

Different flavoured noodles shouldn't be a problem. Just replace the water with the juice.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Think I need to go shopping soon!! Hehe..Yes I think after all the rolling of pastries and I wanna learn to make nice noodles too hehe.

Yup very true hehe about the flavour of the noodle..Yum! I am starving now when I think of all different flavour.

Sharpei Puppy said...

Hi Sinner,

I set up my blog now cuz u inspired me =)

Here is my website

Do visit when you are free. =)

Sinner said...

Sharpei Puppy, welcome to the world of blogging. Your blog looks good.

Anonymous said...


I'm staying in Sydney at the moment and came across your blog. Do you know where can I purchase Lye water? I can't find them in the asian groceries so far. What does it look like? Any brand names to look out for?


Sinner said...

I believe the sale of lye water is banned in Australia.
However, I have edited the recipe to include a link of the brand I am using.

jschia said...

Yet another successful attempt at trying another of your recipes! I love your blog! I know I've left many messages in less than 2 days, but please don't think of me as a stalker... =)

I quickly marinated some pork belly early afternoon to make char siew to go with the noodles and my husband made the sauce for the noodles. LOVELY!

I misread the recipe and added a whole egg instead of an egg yolk. Still turned out ok. Wonder what difference that made?

Sadly, I left out the lye water. I figured since it is banned in some places, probably not the best thing to consume while pregnant, but I will try adding it as soon as I am able to! ;) I'll keep dreaming about it until then...

What recipe should I try next? hmm....

Sinner said...

Hi Jaclyn,

I love 'stalkers' haha. I would rather say you are like an invited guest trying our favourite food and then telling us which dish they enjoyed eating ;) Except in your case you do all the cooking and washing up. lol

You will have to come back and tell me what the difference between adding a whole egg or egg yolk when you make it the next time. Nowadays I make my noodles without eggs or lye water. The mee are just as bouncy without the lye water.

Which recipe next.....I will follow you with interest. lol There are only about 200+ of our favourite recipes to choose from ;) . I am sure your husband will look forward to his next meal whatever you 'spring' on him :)

Geet said...


Your blog is such an inspiration. Love to visit your blog. Have tried some stuffs and turned out good.

I hvae a blog which you are most welcome visit...

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I can't wait to give this a try. My boyfriend loves Thai food and I thought making homemade noodles for him might be a nice Christmas gift.


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