Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fried Onions/Onion Oil

Fried onions are a garnish for stir-fried Chinese vegetables and noodle dishes (sprinkle on top just prior to serving), while the leftover oil is used as fragrant oil for frying.

fried onions


Finely sliced onion
Good quality cooking oil


Slice onions thinly across the grain (as for onion rings) and discard any thick pieces.
Heat oil in wok and fry in batches until golden to medium brown. Remove onions with a holed spatula or flat sieve.
Dry on paper towels and store in an airtight container when cold.
When the oil is cold bottle as required.


The quantities are not critical. I usually have just under a ½ wok of oil to about 6 large onions, but more can be used – the oil will just get more fragrant. It will take a while to go golden but be careful as it goes from light to dark brown very fast. Alternate tossing and pressing in plenty of paper towels to remove as much oil as possible. Store when completely cold.

More step-by-step photos here.


WaWa said...

Hi Sinner,

Do you use shallots or the big onions?

Sinner said...

Hi WaWa,

Shallots will of course taste better. I break out in 'tears' just thinking about having to peel onions. lol

We use big onions as shallots are very expensive here. Plus I am lazy so prefer to use big onions. Nowadays after peeling off the skin, I use the food processor thin slicing blade which makes quick work of the slicing.

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