Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Loong Yoke {BBQ Dried Pork}

These loong yoke as they are known in cantonese, are very tasty and moreish and are similar in appearance to beef jerky. An expensive food item, they are very popular as gifts especially during the chinese new year. The recipe was passed on to me by my Aunt who I will be forever thankful.

loong yoke ~ chinese bbq dried pork
Ingredients :
300 gm lean pork mince
300 gm pun fei sau mince (½ fat ½ lean)
135 gm sugar (if you prefer it sweeter, add 2-3tsp extra)

3 Tbsp fish sauce
1 tsp soy sauce
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp pepper
1 tsp wine

Method :
1. Mix all ingredient together.
2. Roll out on a plastic sheet thinly.
3. Sun until meat can be easily lifted.
4. Cook each side over the barbecue with low heat until brown

Tip : Cooked or uncooked meat can be kept in the freezer.

Redneck says……
Great to chew on while watching TV and drinking a cold beer or wine.
Best cooked over BBQ to absorb smoky flavors. Keep an eye on the temperature to avoid burning (light burn on edges is OK).


Anonymous said...

Just to say thanks. I am a grad student in US from Singapore. Been away from home for more than 2 years. Finally found this recipe, tried it and it taste great. Thanks again. :)

Sinner said...


Thank you for the feedback. Always good to know how a recipe have turned out for somebody else. Same here, always thinking and missing food from home.

Reese Darragh said...

I just have a question. When you say sun till the meat can be easily lifted, do you mean let the meat dry on the counter? I would like to try making it next weekend and was wondering if my assumption is correct. Thanks.

Sinner said...

Reese, the meat is dried in the sun. When it is dry enough, the whole piece can be lifted without it falling to pieces.

Reese Darragh said...

Is there any way I can achieve the same effect with the oven?

Sinner said...

I have never tried drying it in the oven so cannot say whether the texture would be affected.

In the hot sun it doesn't take long for it to dry. If you put it out in the morning, by late afternoon the loong yoke will be dry enough to be lifted off like a sheet of paper.

However if you do try it in the oven, you will have to make sure the temperature is very very low so as not to cook the meat.

Anonymous said...

level of humidity also matters... if you know its going to be a rainy day, then avoid doing this. if it is to be clear then do it. Rainy days, I put it in the oven at a low heat 50degrees C and leave it half open... and switch on the dehumidifier for best effect...
the NZ winter is hell on my bread baking...

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