Monday, April 09, 2007

Homemade Tomato Sauce

I waited until I had a glut from my home grown tomatoes to make this tomato sauce. The last lot I made had lasted me the year. This tomato sauce is lovely with fish n chips, bbq sausages, meat patties, fish cakes etc.... It can also be cooked until thick enough to be used on pizza.

Homemade Tomato Sauce
Makes 6 300ml jars

2kg tomato
600g apple, skin off
3 big onion

510g sugar
55g salt
300-350ml vinegar

10g clove
½ tsp black peppercorn
½ tsp whole all spice

1. Dice up apple, onion and tomatoes.
2. Put the spices into a muslin bag.
3. Add all the ingredients into a pot and boil for 3 hours. Stir ocassionally to prevent the bottom from burning.
4. Pour the sauce into a food processor to whizz until fine.
5. Put to boil again to thicken the sauce.
6. Sterilise your jars and bottle the tomato sauce.
7. Label and store in a cool place.

Tomato Sauce
Tip : I recycle pop-top jars for bottling my homemade jams and sauces.

Recipe : Edmonds cookbook (adapted)


finereem said...


Nice sauce recipe.I like my sauce without sugar at all and with an apple or two maximum and I would only add 1 table spoon of vinegar

the question is if I made my tomato sauce without sugar or apples and without vinegar would this ruin it & won't make it able to be stored in the pantry?

thx for the recipe anyways,I really enjoy your blog

Sinner said...

Hi finereem,
Vinegar is a preserver. You did not say how much tomato is used so don't really know what your ratio of vinegar to fruit.

But if there is not enough vinegar, you will need to store your tomato sauce in the fridge and eat within a week or store in the freezer for longer term.

Norma said...

Thank you! This is lovely. I made tomato sauce a few years ago but forgot where I got the recipe. Ever since, I've been trying different recipes, but they all come out more like bbq sauce with too much bite. I've been on the hunt again as we have a huge amount of tomatoes and found this. It's wonderful, nice red colour and beautiful taste. I'll have to write it down for next year's crop!

Sinner said...

Hi Norma,
Thanks for the feedback.

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