Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Woo Kok ~ Crispy Yam Puff

The beehive web effect on the skin of the woo kok is eluding me. This is trial number 2. My first effort over a year ago was a disaster with the whole puff disintegrating before my eye when I lowered it into the oil.

This second effort is better. The taro puff stayed intact, has a nice crispy skin with creamy yam interior and the filling was good. Tasted like the authentic woo kok except without the oiliness.

I read somewhere the web effect can be created by lifting the yam puff out of the oil several times when frying. But obviously that was not the answer.

I wonder what the secret is ? But....I am not going to give up, I am sure I will get there eventually.

As I have not yet achieved what I am after I will not be posting the recipe.


Quinn said...

Just my two cents, does your recipe calls for wheat starch and ammonia?
Any of these omitted or substituted, you'll not get the spiderweb effect like those in dimsum restaurant. Also, oil temperature must be hot enough and do not fry too many at one go. That's what I accumulated whilst blog hopping. Hope it'll be useful to you in some ways. Good luck and try again.

Amirah Waznah @ Jessica said...

i am smiling to read that there are still people out there trying to cook a perfect yam with that floss skin result and never give up! hehe...good try! i have also made yam puff longtime ago but the result was almost like ur yam puff. im so lazy to make again after my first attempt not successful. haaa...but never that i will give up making yam ring, even though i have failed many cheers..

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